Become An Authority!

This Article was prepared by industry publisher Louise Prunty, industry expert and author of several books and publications including Lash Inc magazine.



Become an Authority

Easiest way to do so...

You are an expert at what you do but not many people know about you? Here are the some of the best ways to become an authority and be known. 1) Contribute to trade magazines, general beauty magazines, blogs. 2) Write your own book or contribute to a book. 3) Speak at relevant events 4) Get others to promote you 1 - I invite you to email me and contribute an article to Lash Inc. It can be on any topic relating to lashes, beauty or business. If selected this will instantly boost how you are seen by other in the industry. Also aim to end articles to other trade beauty magazine and event general beauty magazines. Share your knowledge, get known and profit from being the expert.  2 - Contribute to a book, Contributors of Lash Masters - volume 1 has given exposure to over 9000 Lash Artists already and counting. 14 'experts are being promoted in Vol 2 out next month. Could you be involved in Lash Masters - Vol 3? Or would you like to publish your own book? If so drop me an email and my publishing company will help you do so at no charge.  3 - Volunteer to speak at lash and beauty events. Share your knowledge and gain great exposure. 4 - Get others to promote you. Do this through joint ventures. Example: Run a training course with a higher profile Lash Artist and share profits.  Becoming authority can change your life!


Action to take: Do 1 thing today to get you better known.  Then repeat each day.


This article was prepared for Lash Empire by Industry Expert and Author Louise Prunty.