As a professional in this industry you will most certainly come across a client who is suffering from a mild or even severe case of blepharitis. Here is just a quick and very simple review of causes and treatments so you can help your client maintain their healthy extensions (and eyes)!






Our clients are a little more susceptible to blepharitis because of poor “lash hygiene” meaning that they are sometimes scared to properly cleanse the lash line for fear of damaging their precious extensions – understandable right?

Most of the world’s population has tiny mites (demodocids) living harmlessly in their hair follicles. Without proper hygiene these and other bacteria may become overgrown causing the symptoms of redness, swelling, and flaking around the lash line that you as the technician are usually the first to notice.


                           Image 2: Demodocids;


 Once Blepharitis becomes severe, it can cause another condition called Madrosis – which is loss of eyelashes. This is obviously a condition we would like to avoid.


How to Help Your Client:


Provide your clients with pre-made aftercare kits. I usually stock mine with flock-tipped applicators and a round make-up sponge. The flock tipped applicators are perfect for cleaning up and exfoliating the lash line. The sponge is great for the eyelid to remove cosmetics.



                                                                                 Image 3: Flock tipped Applicator


I also retail Extension safe cosmetic remover to my clients with ingredients that PREVENT BLEPHARITIS! Retailing a cleanser that they can use with your blessing that won’t damage the adhesive bond will encourage your clients to keep up on their lash hygiene! I retail Lash Cure because it has herbal and medicinal ingredients to help prevent blepharitis and other infections associated with lash extensions.





                                                                                             Image 4: LashCure;


Happy Lashing everyone! A client with healthy lashes is a happy returning client :)


Carly Enman
Vice President,Lead Educator
Lash Empire LTD