The Naughty List



As a technician in the beauty and esthetics industry my income is directly related to the attendance of my clients to their appointments. The "no-show" and "last minute cancellation" offenders are  liability to my (and everyone else in this industry's) income!

I have heard a ton of advice on how to handle this issue. Suggestions run the course from "refuse to re-book these clients" to "enforce a 3 strike policy". I know for myself no-shows and last min cancellations are the most frustrating part of my business. How do I create a policy to curb these naughty schedule offenders, and how can I enforce it without getting a bad name?

Each policy in my salon has been born from some frustrating or occasionally bizarre situation with a client. I will not offer refunds under any circumstances for services rendered, however I guaranty client satisfaction for 7 days after service date - if they have a problem Ill fix it for free.

Currently all new clients in my salon must sign a policy stating that if they are unable to provide 24 hours notice prior to cancelling their appointment they will be assessed a nominal fee to cover the overhead portion of their missed appointment. I hate to say that I enforce this policy on only about 50% of these occasions. Truthfully I am frightened that these clients will go somewhere else to avoid this charge and I will lose future revenues.


How do you deal with delinquent clients


Blogger: Carly Higgins, Vice President and Lead Educator

Lash Empire Ltd